Community Drive Safe

Are you concerned about the speed of traffic in Chipperfield? If so we need volunteers to take part in Community Drive Safe.

If you are concerned about vehicles travelling in excess of 30mph please become a volunteer. The Drivesafe has now run 4 x 2 hour sessions.


These have taken place at Tower Hill and the plan is to continue with other registerdd locations.

Please see:- this leaflet for more information New Community Drivesafe Leaflet.

If you are interested in volunteering please send your details to the Parish Clerk  at parishclerk@chipperfield.org.uk.

or contact Cllr Chris Luff   on     chris.luff@freedomcomms.com


www.roadworks.org gives you details of all roadworks in the area.



The Parish Council has some concerns about trees overhanging the highway.All landowners with trees on their boundaries

are encouraged to coppice the trees on a regular basis to prevent  them from posing a threat to highway safety.